Hilda Dokubo Complains About Faulty Traffic Light In Lekki


Nollywood actress Hilda Dokubo has drawn the public’s attention to two faulty traffic light indicator in Lekki.

The 52-year-old shared a picture of the indicators with the red, yellow and green lights on at the same time.

‘This is the traffic control situation at Marwa junction, Lekki Phase one. All three light indicators are on. This just tells a familiar story of where we are in Nigeria right now…,’ she wrote.



Hilda Dokubo Lekki traffic light

Hilda regularly speaks out about social and political issues and recently shared her views about domestic violence with the Punch.

She also addressed critics who blame Nollywood for promoting domestic violence.

‘The portrayal has always been according to the culture being depicted in the movie. We (Nollywood) mirror society and proffer solutions. I don’t think Nollywood is solely responsible for how women are treated.

‘Cultural and religious institutions are the ‘creators’ of gender. They are the ones who say, ‘this is male and female; and that one is superior while the other is inferior’. God never classified men and women that way. Men and women were created equal.


‘Traditional and religious leaders need to ensure that everybody is protected, including children. People should not be made vulnerable or exposed to danger because of the things they (religious and traditional leaders) approve. Whatever is approved stays and whatever stays becomes a tradition…,’ she told the paper.

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