Suspected Dallas Airport Shooter, Portia Odufuwa, Claimed to be ‘Chris Brown’s Wife’


Portia Odufuwa, who is accused of opening fire at Dallas Love Field Airport, told officers that was ‘God’s prophet’ and was ‘married to Chris Brown.

According to court records, she told responding officers: ‘I I am God’s prophet, and I need an attorney, but I’m basically letting you all know that I am the cause of this fire.’
She also allegedly told officers that she would not give more details until she speaks to Chris Brown, whom she claimed to be married to.

The 37-year-old also has a lengthy criminal record and has faced several charges including arson, robbery, criminal trespass and false reporting in cities across North Texas.

But in she was deemed unfit to stand trial in many of those cases and was therefore, ordered by a judge to attend either out-patient or in-patient mental health services and the cases dismissed.

On Monday, she opened fire near a ticketing counter at about 11 a.m before allegedly changing clothes near the airport.

According to Dallas police, a n officer in the non-secure area near the ticketing counter shot and wounded her before she was brought into custody and taken to a hospital.

No travelers or police officers were hurt in the incident , though all travelers had to be evacuated leading to major delays.

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