BBNaija Level Up Day 2 Highlights – New Housemates, Two Houses, Two Live Channels ?


Sunday witnessed the second launch day of Big Brother Naija Season 7 (Level Up), where the remaining 12 housemates were introduced to the audience. As most viewers earlier suspected, Biggie provided an alternative house for the new housemates. Viewers have gone on to term House 2, Banana Island while referring to House 1 as the Trenches, due to the interior décor of the latter.

The new housemates include Adekunle, Allysyn, Bella, Chichi, Chomzy, Diana, Dotun, Doyin, Eloswag, Giddyfia, Hermes, Sheggz

Better Housemates?

The set of new housemates seem to be the more interesting bunch in comparison to Saturday’s housemates, with interesting characters such as Hermes and Allyson as well as heartthrobs, Adekunle and Sheggz, it would not be surprising that House 2 housemates will get more screen time, at least in the first weeks of the show

Woman Beater ?

While Sheggz was busy charming Bella in House 2 and causing lady viewers all over Africa to swoon helplessly, allegations began to swirl on Twitter of his alleged past as a woman beater and domestic abuser.

As of this morning, no concrete evidence has been put forward to validate this story and majority of the accounts peddling the stories have set their profiles to private,

Multiple Channels

Reminiscent of some seasons of Big Brother Africa, BBNaija viewers will be forced to watch the two houses on separate channels to wholly follow the show.

This may prove to be arduous for viewers who may be overwhelmed with the fear of missing out on live action from either houses.

Breakfast ?

There seems to be a new ship brewing in House one with Groovy and Beauty, however, this ship seems to have hit an iceberg as during a truth and dare session, Groovy declined to kiss Beauty, causing the latter to pick offence.

While the Greauty ship seems to be on shaky shores, fans have begun to notice a connection between Sheggz and Bella.

New Faves

Chichi stripper bbnaija

While Bryann, Phyna, Daniella and Ilebaye proved to be early favorites on day one, they woill have to fight the new wave of fan favorites, Adekunle, Hermes and Sheggz.

Day 2 of Big Brother Naija Level Up season ended as eventful as day 1, we expect more drama as the days progress, Burbles Media will be here to give the summary.

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