Fact Check: Is Sheggz a Woman Beater ?


Big Brother Naija (level up) Season 7 has kicked off to a controversial start.

New housemate and fan favorite Sheggz, who had already made rounds all over social media even before stepping foot in the house and charmed the viewing audience with his cute looks and height on launch night has been subject to domestic violence and abuse accusations.

Shortly after his introduction on Sunday, 24 July, tweets began to circulate, especially from Twitter account @Jesssbop alleging Segun to be an abuser. To buttress her accusations, she further linked a nearly two-year-old from an account she revealed to be his ex-girlfriend.


However, upon further investigation of the linked YouTube video, Burbles Media found no mention or reference to the Nigerian-born footballer directly or indirectly. 

As at the time of this update, the video has been since deleted on YouTube.

Since making these accusations the Twitter account who originally tweeted the allegations has since removed the video from her Twitter page and has restricted access to it by making her profile private.

At the beginning of the season, these allegations failed to impact the likeability and overwhelming acceptance of Sheggz on social media as supporters and audiences rallied around the housemate and casted doubt on the whole saga.

However as the season progressed, viewers and social media users have noticed some less than ideal traits in Sheggz’s relationship with Bella, leading these accusations to reoccur in conversations concerning the housemate. 

Fact Check: Is Sheggz a Woman Beater? As of today, no evidence of this fact.

This article was updated upon receipt of further information.

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