Retired Playboy: Long List Of Successful Women Flavour Allegedly Dated In His Heydays


Flavour shot into the limelight in 2009 with his song ‘Nwa Baby (Ashewo Remix)  from his second album, Uplifted. The Enugu-born highlife singer has since gone to become one of the most popular artists in Nigeria. He has also been romantically linked with several famous beauties.

Here’s a list of six women he’s rumoured to date over the years:

1. Genevieve Nnaji

A Man Of Great Taste: Long List Of Successful Women Flavour Has Allegedly Dated

The Nollywood actress and the artist were spotted together around 2018 but neither have confirmed or denied the rumours of a relationship.

2. Chidinma Ekile

A Man Of Great Taste: Long List Of Successful Women Flavour Has Allegedly Dated
Flavour And Chidinma kissing

The two singers sparked dating rumours after they shared a passionate kiss in the video for their hit song, Ololufe, released in 2014.

However, they both denied the rumours, insisting that their relationship was purely professional.

“Flavour  is someone that is very, very cool to work with it. It’s very easy to work with Flavour.

‘He is really a very nice person, so we are just working basically.

‘There will always be rumors, but hey what am I even trying to defend? Nothing.

‘People will always talk either way, it was just a professional kiss and nothing more,” Chidinma said in an interview.

While he had this to say about their relationship, ‘Chidinma is just my friend, our strong vibe comes from how deeply we feel about music.

‘Sometimes, when you want to do a music video, you want to make it look real.

‘Believe whatever you want to believe but are they getting the job done, are you feeling it? It’s not about the kissing.

‘People felt the song; they felt the togetherness, they were swept away by our delivery.

‘It was so original, that’s why people were all thinking that there was something going on between us.

‘There is nothing going on. We are just very good friends and I respect her for that.

‘We’ve never ever gone that way. We’re just so cool like that.

‘She’s just a nice person to work with.’

3. Anna Banner

A Man Of Great Taste: Long List Of Successful Women Flavour Has Allegedly Dated

One of two beauty queens Flavour has been linked with, Anna won the 2012 edition of the Most the Beautiful Girl in Nigeria pageant.

In 2014 she appeared in his video for ‘Golibe’ and shortly after, the shave birth to Flavour’s daughter Sofia in August 2015.

The beauty queen had this to say about their relationship and the birth of their child:

“I got pregnant for somebody I really loved. It wasn’t planned. It was my mistake but I wouldn’t call my child a mistake. I was careless. But I thank God it happened with a man who I loved and who didn’t turn his back on me.

A Man Of Great Taste: Long List Of Successful Women Flavour Has Allegedly Dated

‘When you love someone, it is hard to fall out. You cannot fall in love today and fall out of love tomorrow. Love is strong. Before you tell somebody you love him, you have to be sure.

‘Flavour was the first man I fell in love with. I still love him as the beautiful soul he has and as the father of my child. I don’t know what the future holds but we are just taking things one step at a time.

4. Sandra Okagbue

A Man Of Great Taste: Long List Of Successful Women Flavour Has Allegedly Dated

The two have been in an on-again off-again relationship for several years and in 2018 it was announced that they had welcomed a son together.

Unconfirmed reports state that he married the beauty queen in August 2020 but they have never publicly spoken about it.

They have three children together

5. Onyinye Onungwa

The video video vixen appeared in his 2012 video ‘Shake Ukwu’ and claimed to be dating him but he has never confirmed or denied it.

6. Beverly Heels

The singer was rumored to be dating the US-based model and reportedly dedicated his song ‘Blessed’ to her.

‘When I went to America, I met one girl, her name na Beverly.  ‘All of a sudden, I get enemies. Within within enemies.

‘Tell Nneka, Tell Onyinye, Tell Benjamin, to leave Beverly alone. What did I do to them? ‘Many bad things dem ma talk about her. Many bad things dem ma write about her.  ‘Too many people flex say they know her.  ‘Everyday I’m always reading on Twitter, Facebook dem ma talk about the matter, say I wanna take Beverly to altar.  ‘Within Within enemies. Tell Nneka, Tell Onyinye, Tell Benjamin, to leave Beverly alone,’ he sings on the 2012 song.

Flavour made his views about marriage clear In a 2016 interview with Hip TV.

He told the station, ‘Marriage is not a thing you just go into. This music business is a serious business. In my own opinion I think if you’re in that P of yours and you’re getting there you don’t need no distraction.

‘And most of my colleagues, whenever they get married everything starts crashing down, you know?

‘I keep asking people, have you ever seen a successful musician having a good home and a good career?

‘It’s not gonna be easy you know?’

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