One Million Boys: Police Reveals Portable’s fate After concluding Investigation


The Lagos State Police Command, has confirmed that singer, Portable who is being investigated over  his possible links with the One Million Boys, will be arrested if he fails to turn himself in.

Police Public Relations Officer in the State, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, confirmed this in a statement to Daily Trust on Thursday.

‘We are still doing preliminary investigation and afterwards he will have to report himself (to the police) or we will get him arrested,” the PPRO told Daily Trust,’ he told the paper.

The ‘Zazuu Zeh’ singer had been caught on camera boasting that he formed the cult group which terrorized parts of Lagos State during the lockdown.

“Open your ears and hear me, Have you heard about Ajah Boys, One Million Boys, I’m their founder. Go and ask Sammy larry,” said the 29-year-old in the now deleted video.

After the police announced that it was formally investigating him for the claim, he appeared to backtrack, claiming that he was referring to his fans as the One Million Boys.

He said, ‘Do you know what One Million Boys means?

‘Fans are called One Million Boys. I cannot fight but I have back up.

‘For instance, a pastor can say he has One Million people behind him, an herbalist has One Million people behind him. I am a child of God; I have plenty of people behind me.

‘If I say One Million Boys, I mean Fans. I am an angel. If you hurt me, I have those that will fight for me.

“I am not a thief. It is not that notorious One Million Boys.’

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