Kenkele: BNXN goes on blocking spree as fans react negatively to new song With Wande Coal


Singer, BXNX, formerly known as Buju, has allegedly blocked several fans who criticized his latest single.

Several Twitter users on Thursday complained that the 25-year-old blocked them on the platform for reacting negatively to the song, ‘Kenkele’ which features Wande Coal.

“Buju Blocked me without sending a DM first, I feel less than enough,” complained one user.

While another tweeted,” By the time Buju is done blocking everyone that has an opinion about him including people that genuinely fvck with his music and pay for his shows, he would be the one listening to his music alone.”

The ‘Kilometre’ singer responded to the complaints by pointing out that his critics should not have an issue with his decision to block them.
‘Why do people have a problem with getting blocked? Like you follow me , spew negativity about me and I help you out of your misery and na me still do bad?,’ he asked.



The Babcock University graduate is no stranger to controversy and doesn’t shy away from responding to criticism.

On July 15, he responded to comments by fellow singer, Ruger, after the later responded to a Twitter user who insinuated that BXNX was the better artist of the two.

“ I love Buju; he’s good but he’s not better than me. Everything I have done since the beginning was only RUGER. All my hits are JUST RUGER. I’m always proud going on stage around the world with my own hits and everyone is singing along. You see the difference?” he replied.

BXNX shot back shortly after in a series of posts on Snapchat in which he took a swipe at everything from Ruger’s finances, his relationship with his record label and his method of promoting his music.

He wrote,”Sorry I’m Late is still above two of your music projects on Apple music. You had to drop deluxe for one and you think you have anything one me? You are owing your boss money and you are talking to a boss.

“I have never begged for feature because even the legends that you respect rate me and my music above yours. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.”


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