It’s A Billionaire Thing: Just Like Dangote, Kanye West Claims He Hasn’t Touched Cash In 4 Years (Video)


It seems as though the more you make money, the less you spend, at least for billionaires. American rapper and billionaire, Kanye West claims that he has not touched some hard dollar bills in four years and we’re not even disputing.

Kanye, with a net worth of $2 billion claims that he hasn’t touched cash in four years. That’s a long time for someone as wealthy and successful as Ye. At the Balenciaga SS23 conference, he made the interesting claim.

Kanye West. Photo from Correct NG

KanyeWestat the#BalenciagaSS23 show said he hasn”t touched cash in four years. Now thats wealth.

Watch video below:

The Dangote Comparison

Nigeria’s richest man, Aliko Dangote in a 2019 interview also flexed his deep pockets after telling the show host, Mo Ibrahim that he withdrew $10 million dollars cash just to see for himself if he is truly wealthy and not the figures shown on his bank statements.

For a man who withdrew $10 million dollars cash to prove a point to himself, Mo asked how much Dangote had on him, just like Kanye hasn’t touched cash in 4years, the Nigerian billion could hardly present a dollar bill from his pockets.

When you have money, you don’t spend money!

Watch video below:

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