Is Funke Akindele Really A Bad Boss? Here Is What Stars Who Have Worked With Her Have To Say


So I had a rewatch of the 2020 Nollywood movie, Who’s The Boss, starring two trending personalities at the moment, Funke Akindele and Blossom Chukwujekwu.

The Netflix movie directed by Chinaza Onuzo covers the story of a young but overworked ad executive played by Sharon Ooja with an overbearing boss (Funke Akindele), a reality of many young persons earning a living in corporate Lagos.

With the lingering ‘horrible boss’ chatters from those who have worked with the Nollywood sweetheart, it is hard to shake off her role in the movie – Funke Akindele acted out the accounts of multiple persons who have narrated what it’s like working with her. Not taking away the fact that the multiple award-winning actress killed the role.


Let’s give it to Funke, maintaining an acting career for over 3 decades is no easy feat to be overlooked and as the popular parlance will have it, Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.

You can’t maintain excellence at that level for a long time without having to step on some toes – The question here is how many toes has Funke Akindele stepped on to become the icon that she is today?

Below good/bad boss moments from the star actress.


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FALZ – Good

Is Funke Akindele Really A Bad Boss?

One of her protegees, Nigerian singer cum actor, Falz has won two AMVCA plaques in his short acting career – One as a Best Actor in a Comedy Movie/Series – Jenifa’s Diary (2016) and the other as best supporting actor in 2018 movie, New Money.

Falz began his career as a musician, but he eventually moved into acting, landing his first major part as Sege in Jenifa’s Diary. Since then, he’s been in significant films such as Quam’s Money and Chief Daddy. He also just established his own production company, House 21 TV, which was responsible for the hit Youtube show Therapy, which starred Falz and Toke Makinwa.

Falzs on Inkblot meet and greet, revealed that he left his ‘Sege’ role in Jenifa’s Diary due to his tight schedule.

“If I could be on the show every single episode, I would but it’s just schedule, timing, shooting, ah! People genuinely root for them (Jenifa and Sege). And there was a time that she had a bit of a confusion in her life as per which guy she should pick and everybody was like Sege! Funke is able to build herself around characters that she’s working with and I have to say she’s one of the most, if not the most hardworking person I have come across in this entertainment industry. This woman, as we’re on set, she’s writing the next episode, she’s directing. Ha!”

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Lota Chukwu – Good

Nollywood actress, Lota Ckukwu is another star who gained popularity for her role in Jenifa’s Dairy from 2015 to 2018. Lota played the role of Kiki, a friend to Jenifa, the lead character.

On why she left the show, the 32-year-old in an interview with Pulse TV said: ”Funke Akindele is our mother on set. She is very attentive to the individual needs of everyone. The relationship I have with her is kind off the same . Jenifa is someone who loves to care for everybody, and of-f set it’s the same”.

Tobi Makinde – Good

The budding actor, Tobi Makinde rose into prominence for his Timini role in Jenifa’s Diary. Timini is the personal assistant to Jenifa, the lead character and it appears their relationship have gone beyond the screens.

Tobi on an Instagram page adulated Funke saying:

“A river that forgets its source will surely dry up. I remember when I had no idea how I was gonna move on in life after my masters degree, you were there to take me in with little or no experience whatsoever about running production. You said you would give me a job without knowing me from anywhere, without knowing my capabilities. All I had was my educational qualification and thirst to work and learn on the job.

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“Prior to this I had tried to work in other production outfits but none took me not because I wasn’t qualified but because they probably didn’t believe in me. You, on the other hand, believed in me, took me as a son, scolded me when I messed up all in a bid to make me better at my craft. Only the patient and hardworking will understand who you really are. Thank you mom for everything and may God keep blessing you @funkejenifaakindele I really appreciate you ma!!”

Juliana Olayode – Good But Ended Badly

Fans of Jenifa Diary never got over the fact that the character ‘Toyo Baby’ was retired after actress, Juliana Olayode was axed from the production. in 2016, rumours of Toyo baby leaving the Jenifa series made rounds but Juliana went on social media to debunk them until it was truly confirmed.
While the media rolled out an array of reasons ‘Toyo Baby’ was kicked out from the show, Juliana took the time out to explain what really ensued between her and Funke Akindele and how they parted ways amicably as opposed to media speculations.

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In a post on her website, the actress, said she left the series in May 2016 after she had a misunderstanding with Funke Akindele.

“We had a misunderstanding and I cannot disclose what happened without Aunty Funke’s permission. But if you read all I said in the post, you would gather that we were quite close. And when two people get that close, misunderstandings are bound to occur.”

Juliana also described how ‘Aunty Funke’, as she referred to Funke Akindele in her post, was her benefactor, coach, adviser and big sister.



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