5 Nigerian Celebrities Who Had Cosmetic Dentistry


When you think of Davido, you picture his great smile: big white teeth in perfect alignment, a grin that dazzles you again and again. It might surprise you to know that one of Afrobeat’s biggest stars didn’t always have that million-dollar mug. Davido is one of the Nigerian celebrities who have fixed their bad teeth.

Like a few other stars, OBO got a tooth job done sometime last year and vowed never to stop smiling. Below are 5 Nigerian Celebrities Who have fixed their bad teeth

Iyabo Ojo

Nigerian celebrities bad teeth
Before and After Iyabo Ojo teeth procedure

Nollywood actress Reality TV Star, Iyabo Ojo is the latest celebrity to have her teeth done. The actress had a veneer procedure done in Turkey in March 2022. According to Healthline.com, Veneer typically involves grinding down the tooth structure, sometimes removing some teeth.

For Iyabo Ojo to undergo this painful and expensive procedure, which reportedly costs $10,000 plus travel and medical fee, shows the mother of two was not so proud of her dentition

She also shared an Instagram video that showcases her transformation. She captioned the video: “I’m loving my new set of tooth 😁. Smiling all the way


Nigerian celebrities bad teeth davido smile
Davido – Nigerian celebrities who fixed their bad teeth

OBO is a headliner in this list. The singer underwent cosmetic dentistry in October 2021. Like Iyabo Ojo, he took to social media to share a video of his set of teeth after the procedure. He wrote, “I no close mouth again“.


Nigerian celebrities bad teeth pere smile
Pere – Nigerian celebrities with bad teeth

Big Brother Naija star, Pere whose perfect dentition is a model for all once had Diastema (a gap or space between the teeth). The former US military man said he spent a whooping sum of N4 million on a dental implant procedure to fill up his tooth gap.

In his words ;

“I wanted a white teeth and then I felt like why not just get it done. Like If you want something so bad you just have to go for it.

“So, yes, I spent 10 thousand dollars on dental health in 2020 and I have no regrets about it.”

See a video of his former teeth below:

Toyin Lawani

Nigerian celebrities bad teeth
Toyin Lawani – Nigerian celebrities with bad teeth

Another reality star and member of the Real Housewives of Lagos cast, Toyin Lawani, is another celeb who got her teeth fixed. According to the celebrity stylist who shared the above before and after pictures on her Instagram, she said:

This is the ist time I’m showing everyone what my teeth really looks like cause I hide them 🤦‍♀️

To everyone saying they love my formal dentition ,may God bless you with them , #Amen , and I still talk the way I talk so it’s more sexier,we all have our insecurities, and this has always been one of mine , it even makes me camera shy cause I know I have a lisp, and the space makes it worse when I speak , atimes I spit unknowingly while speaking cause of the gap, I even hate watching myself speak on tv and it makes me run from some certain facial angles when taking pictures, glad I finally worked on it and got my Big smile back, I and my family hv had this tetracycline stains since childhood , I hv bleached it, used braces for a while , it didn’t work for me and my space is from sucking two of my fingers when I was young 🤦‍♀️ I’ve been warning @lordmaine2 about it too, cause that boy can suck , 🤦‍♀️ was worried about losing my lisp for a long time , so didn’t want to fix the teeth, but glad I still hv my lisp 💃💃💃

Niniola Apata

Niniola bad Teeth

Nigerian singer, Niniola recently got a chipped tooth she’s had all her life fixed. The self-acclaimed Queen of Afro-House shared a recent photo of herself that suggests the bad tooth has been replaced.

A further look at Niniola’s new music video Shisha by entertainment writer, Jide Okonjo confirms Nini’s procedure.


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