Moment Lady Sat Next To Jay Z In A Train Ride And Had No Idea Who He Was (Video)


Jay Z is an American billionaire who not only gained his wealth from moves made after a remarkable career but has been a renowned rapper and music executive for decades.

What makes Jay Z even more conspicuous in any gathering is the fact that he is married to popular music star. Beyonce Knowles and despite all of these, a 67-year-old Ellen Grossman who sat next to the rapper in a public commute had no idea who he was.

Ellen Grossman had thought Jay Z was just a regular pedestrian sitting next to her on a train ride 10 years ago but the elderly lady sprung to fame as she was featured in Jay-Z’s Barclays Centre documentary. The rapper who was en route to the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn for a performance rode along with Ellen Grossman who was oblivious of his social status and it was a scene to behold,

In the 25-minute film, the father of three is seen taking the subway to his performance at the Brooklyn Arena, whereby chance he meets Grossman.

“Are you famous?” Grossman asks Jay-Z as he takes a seat next to her on the crowded R train, as security guards kept a watchful eye over him. “Yes,” the rapper modestly admits, before conceding: “Not very famous, you don’t know me.”

Ellen Described Jay-Z as being real

The 67-year-old was on her way to see a friend at Brooklyn from Manhattan when she bumped into the Grammy-winning rapper whom she described as a nice man. Ellen, a visual artist had moved over to allow others to sit down and Jay-Z took the seat next to her. In the video, the rapper can be seen introducing himself as “Jay” and explaining that he is a musician on his way to perform at the Brooklyn arena.

“We had such a nice conversation and then it became obvious during the conversation that he was very famous,” Grossman told The Guardian.

Jay-Z traveled with Grossman from Canal Street to Atlantic Avenue. Grossman said she was left “energized” by their chat, which lasted around 15-20 minutes. “It was just a wonderful conversation. He’s very real. He didn’t seem disturbed that I didn’t understand who he was, he’s not full of himself.”

Watch the video below:

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