What Deja Does When She Wakes Up – Simi Opens Up On Daughter’s “Sleeping Disorder”


Simi’s daughter, Deja has a sleeping disorder called Parasomnias and her mom doesn’t seem bothered to say the least — she even gloats about it and rightly so.

Nigerian singer, Simi who doubles as a mom behind the cameras, took to social media to share a proud mom moment with her fans. The Duduke crooner tweeted that her daughter Deja, who turns two May 30th, says weird things after she wakes up.

Little Adejare with her celebrity parents, Simi and Adekunle Gold

“I need to do a series on the things Deja says right after she wakes up. Today it was “it’s a hexagon.” Lol. She always says something random immediately she opens her eyes. It’s wild and I love it.
Simi tweeted.

These sleep-related behaviors are very common in children and for the most part are a normal part of childhood. And we can tell Simi knows that this type of sleep problem often occurs in children who are healthy and happy.

Such a show off!

Parasomnias is considered a disorder when it occurs repeatedly for a period of 90days and disrupt the lives of the child and/or the family.  The sleep disorder is unrelated to any kind of mental problem in children.

According SleepEducation, there are five parasomnias that are common in children and they include: Nightmares, Sleep Terror, Sleepwalking, Confusional Arousal and Bedwetting.

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