Will There Be Season 2? Interesting Fun Facts You Should Know Blood Sisters Series


While everyone enjoyed Nigeria’s Netflix series, Blood Sisters, we took the liberty of going extra to see what came together to make the movie the blockbuster that it is.

Below is some inside tea one of the directors, Biyi Bandele told news men:

Ini Dima-Okojie And Nancy Isime Actually Auditioned For Each Other’s Roles

In the acclaimed series, we see that Ini Dima-Okojie plays the role of Sarah while Nancy Isime plays the role of Kemi. But that was not the plan all along, according to Ini Dima-Okojie:

We met at the audition and we clicked immediately but we never knew the character would be flipped. I read for Kemi and she for Sarah

Incestuous Relationship between Deyemi’s and Kate Henshaw

Moments between Uduak and her son Kola got viewers befuddled. The mother and child kiss a few times which make Uduak even more mysterious and dark. Speaking about it, the director of the show, Biyi Bandele said:

We had a lot of conversations about how we were going to play the role of the scary matriarch. Her relationship with her favourite son, Kola, looks almost incestuous. The first time it happened, Kate and I had talked about it in detail but I hadn’t told Deyemi, the person playing Kola. And he was so startled.

The Shot Lasted For Two Months

Shooting Blood Sisters took quite a long time. According to Nancy Isime:

We were on set for almost two months and Ini and I were in character almost through, I was overwhelmed towards the end of the shoot.

Kehinde Bankole Gained Weight

Kehinde Bankole. Photo from Instagram


Nollywood actress, Kehinde Bankole has disclosed that she added weight in order to pull off her character in Blood Sisters Netflix Series.

Taking to Twitter she wrote:

Fitting day weight Vs Final shoot weight. A main personal character goal for me was for yinka to look much older than femi, fatter & definitely more domineering. Thanks to the guidance of the directors @kennethgyang & @biyibandele . Losing it back gradually #BloodSistersNetflix

The Unscripted Crying Scenes

The emotionality of shooting Blood Sisters was so much for both Nancy and Ini. According to Ini Dima-Okojie:

It was emotionally and mentally draining for me; there’s a scene between Nancy and me, it ended up playing out differently because we were not supposed to break down, but we ended up crying, we didn’t stop crying even after we were told to cut so, it was just an unforgettable experience

Ramsey Nouah Was Meant To Talk

If you’ve watched Blood Sisters, then you know that for 90% of the show, Ramsey Nouah’s character Uncle B doesn’t say anything. He is very quiet and speaks very sparingly. This was not the initial plan and it took Ramsey some convincing to finally get on board with it. Speaking about it, the director Biyi Bandele said:

Ramsey’s character had dialogue in the original script. But I thought it would be much more powerful if we threw the dialogue out. I sat down with Ramsey and had a long conversation. He didn’t agree with me at first, but we did a couple of scenes and he looked at me and nodded. He didn’t say anything but I knew what that nod meant.

Gabriel Afolayan Was Initially Not Meant to Play Femi

On Blood Sisters, Femi Ademola, the brother to Kola Ademola and son of Uduak is spectacularly played by actor Gabriel Afolayan. However, he was not the initial person cast for the role. According to the director Biyi:

Gabriel was originally meant to play the journalist but the person meant to play the character Gabriel ended up playing pulled out for personal reasons. I thought Gabriel would be great for the role and Mo agreed with me. So, we made a strong case with Netflix and they gave the go-ahead.

Mo Abudu’s Daughter Actually Came Up With the Story

Blood Sisters was an in-house family idea affair. The idea actually came from Ted Abudu, Mo Abudu’s daughter.

Actor Deyemi hints on season 2?

The actor who has no business in a sequel of Blood Sisters owing that his character, Kola is dead has riled fans up on Twitter after asking for a seaon two of the highly acclaimed series.

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