‘High School Prank’ Gone Wrong As Students Suspend Dead Shark From School Ceiling


A dead shark was found hanging from the beams above a staircase at Ponte Vedra High School, Florida on Thursday morning, according to the St. Johns County School District

The shark was discovered at a.m., according to the school district, and it was cut down and removed.

News4Jax reports that 5 students were identified by investigators as having hung the shark up at the school and whoever is found culpable could face charges of, wildlife violations, trespassing and criminal mischief.

The district also stated it has given the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office CCTV video of the shark being hung up. It will not be released as it’s evidence in a criminal investigation.

On his route to the school, a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation commissioner verified that they are looking into the matter.

Reactions have however trailed the shock discovery many has decribed as ‘craziest thing to happen in 2022’. See some reactions obtained from the local news outlet below:

“It’s kind of gruesome. I’ll be honest. That’s a pretty big shark too,” said Julian Chandlee, a Ponte Vedra High junior. “It’s in the main courtyard. There are some steps that go up to the main hall, and that’s right over the steps, so it’s in a pretty major spot.”

Students told News4JAX and shared on social media that it was a senior prank.

Cooper Gottfried, a Ponte Vedra High sophomore, said he couldn’t believe it.

“I was going to first period, and there was this massive shark hanging from the ceiling, and it smelled really bad,” Gottfried said. “I was really shocked. I just didn’t expect to see that in the morning.”



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