Heavy Downpour: Netizens Slam Boss Who Penalised Workers Home For Running Late


The most parts of Lagos woke up to heavy downpour on Friday morning and that leaves Lagos – A Densely population city plagued with traffic – in even more dire gridlocks due to floods and state of the roads.

A Twitter user took to the platform to gloat about sending his workers home for coming late and also giving the excuse of the lingering rains that has been falling all morning.

The man Tweeted saying:

I sent 3 of my workers back home today..their excuse was ‘Rainfall’ I didn’t listen to them coz that wasn’t enough excuse for me + they already know the rules of the company.

In another tweet, he wrote: “They were 1hr 15 minutes late.. our company has a strict policy on Punctuality!”

Twitter Users immediately placed the ‘inhumane’ boss on a stake for not considering the safety of his workers due to the poor weather. See some reactions below:

User identified as LRNZH wrote: “It’s your call to do as you wish but consider their safety as well. If employees don’t feel safe entering the road at certain times or weather conditions, you should take that into consideration.

You’re trying to get value out of them not put them in harms way. Depending on…“

Another user said: “From operational point of view, what happens to their roles while 3 of them are away. Does it mean they don’t really do much?
And then, some empathy would have been applied, seeing that the rain started just about when people leave for work, or do they have staff bus?“

Read the full thread below:

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