The Times Simi And Adekunle Gold Proved That True Love Exists


Love, they say, is a beautiful thing when you are in love with the right person. Simi and Adekunle Gold are paired with strong feelings of liking for each other.

Every individual has different ways of expressing and receiving love. AG Baby and his singer wife have undoubtedly expressed theirs through words of affirmation, support, and even physical touch.

In light of the numerous occasions where the duo have expressed their true feelings and affection towards each other, Burbles Media has gathered all the moments Simi and Adekunle Gold have proven that love is beautiful.

Adekunle Gold’s Birthday Cake Surprised On Live TV

Adekunle Gold proved last night that love is really in the air after he surprised his wife, Simi, on the Nigerian Idol Live show.

It all started when AG Baby pretended to be a super fan of Simi and walked towards Simi on the judge’s table with a suprised birthday cake.

The mother of one couldn’t hold her excitement as she stood up from her seat and gave him a warm hug and a kiss.

While on the podium, the show host, IK Osakioduwa, quizzed Adekunle Gold on how it feels to be with his idol. He said it’s a magical moment. He also assured her that the family was proud of her and was rooting for her.


AG Baby’s Heartmelting Birthday Message To Simi On Her 34th Birthday

Adekunle Gold gave fans another reason to believe that love is a beautiful thing when he showed his lyrical prowess by showering Simi with encomium on her 34th birthday.

In the early hours of Tuesday, April 19, 2022, Adekunle Gold became the first person to wish Simi a happy birthday.

In a rhythmic love message that got fans reacting, Adekunle Gold wrote on Instagram:

My angel from above You’ve given me something special Simi you’re my favorite sign it must be the reason why we align

You’re perfect and that’s facts Pretty Pretty face and you don’t brag Baby, take my card buy yourself a new bag Happy Birthday Magic


Simi, on the other hand, couldn’t hold her excitement as she replied to the birthday wish, maintaining that she married the best lyricist from Ikotun to the world.

I married the best lyricist from Ikotun to the world. ‘m the winner I love you most of all baby. Thank you. Na me dey do betday na me still dey write epistle.


It was an in-house birthday party that was attended by friends and family members.

Dating Before The Hall Of Fame

Simi and Adekunle Gold’s love story remained a mystery to many, as few are aware of the fact that they even started dating before they became famous.

According to Burble Media The Kososkos got married in a private ceremony on January 9, 2019, and not a single clip or photo of the wedding made it to the internet until they released an official video titled “Promise.”

The celebrity couples first started dating five years before walking down the aisle. Prior to their marriage, Simi revealed that Adekunle Gold used to stalk her on Facebook before she gave him attention.

After they first met and began dating, they never stopped supporting each other from the background while keeping their relationship out of the public eye till they got married.

Indeed, their love has demonstrated unequivocally that there is no magic formula for creating true love; what is meant to be will be. and Adekunle Gold love story is the dream of many people.

Musical Assistance To Each Other

Love goes beyond emotions; it entails considerable support for one another. Simi and Adekunle Gold are propagating this type of love.

The Sinner crooner never fails to celebrate his wife’s win and support her both in private and publicly. They have performed on stage together on numerous occasions, where they get their fans singing along with exuberant energy.

Nonetheless, the support Adekunle Gold receives from Simi has even made a fan tease her, saying that she is behind all the singer’s hit songs.

She debunked such claim and immediately as the post didn’t sit well with her. She then warned people to stop discrediting her mans work because he is also an awesome writer.


Their Marriage is blessed with a beautiful daughter, Adejare Kosoko. Born on June 7, 2020.

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