Kim Kardashian Calls Ex, Kanye West After Their Son Saw An Online Ad Of Her Viral Sex Tape (Video)


Seeing your mom receiving back shots in a video already viewed by millions across the world can send anyone into a lifelong depression from an early age.

American reality star Kim Kardashian has run back to her ex-husband, Kanye West following the indecent exposure of their six-year-old son, Saint to her viral sex tape from years back.

The star’s new show, The Kardashians is set to launch on streaming platform, Hulu this week and a teaser episode shows the SKIMS founder’s six-year-old son, Saint, nearly viewing his mother’s 2007 sex tape with ex-boyfriend, Ray J.

A video of the new series captured the star’s son approaching her with his tablet to ask about the meme of her famous crying face in a pop-up ad.

Reacting, Kim didn’t understand the meme initially, she took a second look and was horrified to see what it meant. The mother of could be seen sobbing on a phone call while recounting what she’d seen to Saints’ father, Kanye West

In Hulu’s reboot of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the star said, “The last thing I want as a mum is for my past to be brought up 20-years later.”

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