Meet The Coolest Kids In Nigeria – Green Camp Interview


—Praise Ekpo

From music to sports, fashion to tech, the youth population has been Nigeria’s biggest export and ambassadors to the world.


While young Nigerians continue to receive adulation all around the world, back home the reality tells a different story. A tale of two cities, Nigerian youths are consistent victims of unemployment, university strikes, police harassment (which inspired the EndSars Protest of 2020). It is documented the less than flattering remarks they have even suffered from the Country’s President himself. Today, the youth in Nigeria long for a sense of community, where they can be safe and expressive. They want their voice and culture to matter.


This is where Green Camp comes in.

Have you heard of Green Camp”? a friend asked me randomly on an afternoon in March. “I have attended one of their events before”, remarked another of my friend in an entirely different conversation.

Afraid of what I was missing out on, I proceeded to check Green Camp’s Instagram. Their social media was a virtual exhibition of talent, ranging from musical artistes to fashion exhibitionists.

My voyage into Green Camp’s world piqued my interest, I then proceeded to contact the faces behind the brand, young and bubbly Nigerians. We had an hour-long chit-chat.


I met the faces behind the brand, Molo, the founder, a doctor, Aro, the CEO, and an artiste, Aimien, the live wire of the conversation, “call me A, it will be easy for everybody” she began our interaction with a joke, she runs Green Camp’s PR with the help of Seun, Darpor handles Logistics, Adekoya oversees the event planning.

All through our conversation, the flat organogram structure of the organization was easily ascertainable, as each person felt free to give their perspective on the current state and future plans for Green Camp.

Our conversation began.


At First Glance, Music Seems to Be Very Prominent on Your Social Media Platforms. What Gaps Do You Intend to Fill in The Music Industry?

Aimien: We are not doing what everybody else is doing. Currently, in the Nigerian music industry, it is very difficult to grow a fanbase, what we at Green Camp try to do is provide organic platforming for these artistes.

Molo: The artistes we work with, should have an existing relatable brand and identity that fits with the direction and aesthetics of Green Camp. This will enable us to project talents to our audience

Artistes like Molo (the founder himself) Laime, Abstract, Shayo Davids, BNXN (Buju), Thirstyworldwide are artistes who have been associated with the brand at one time or the other.

Green Camp Piano Hub playlist – Apple Music

Still On My Social Media Voyage, I Noticed That Your Tentacles Expand to Fashion, How Does Green Camp Aim to Change the Current Perception of Nigerian Fashion Brands?


Molo: The first step is to put out fashion everybody can access and relate to. This is where we come in, Green Camp is a lifestyle brand and our fashion reflects what we promote.

Adekoya: The fashion space in Nigeria is in a better place than years ago, there are a lot of new brands coming up that Nigerians are beginning to relate to and patronize.

In Five Years, What Will You Say Is Green Camp’s Biggest Achievement in One Word?

Molo: In the past five years, I would say our biggest achievement is the growth it has sustained and us discovering new talents.


Aimien: For me it’s the consistency.

To Flip the Question, Is There Anything You Would Have Done Different In The Past Five Years?

Molo: We learn from every experience, there isn’t much to change.

Aimien: Of course, over the years, we have done some things which we thought was dope at the time, but looking back, we see that we could have changed a few things, but it has helped us improve.

What Is Expected at a Green Camp Show?

Molo: Great experiences, good music, meeting people with like-minds.

Seun: There is no forming, truly at a Green Camp event, you do not know what to expect.

So, What Is 4:20 About?

Aimien: It is our special event on April 23, 2022 at the BLVD.

The group collectively informed us on what the show encapsulates – a pop-up and chill, music performances, DJ sets, smoke breaks, and most importantly health education where attendees are being educated on the modalities of vices indulged in.

Biggest Misconceptions About Green Camp?

The group collectively chimed in on the biggest misconceptions they have faced in the past five years. “People consistently misconstrue our representation of smoking”. “Over time people also think we nitpick people who are part of the movement”. “Our doors are open to anyone who loves music and has no bad vibes”.

How Has Green Camp Changed Your Life Personally?

Molo: For me, starting Green Camp has made me a more determined person, it has revealed my ability and enabled me to believe in myself and believe in others. In one word it has made me a helper.

Tobi: Work with the best creative minds

Aimien: I was a shy person prior to joining Green Camp. Since then, I have grown, Green Camp has pushed me to dream, and thought me there are no limits.

Adekoya: Most importantly, Green Camp has helped me with the skillset to balance education and extracurricular activities. One thing about Green Camp is that it will make you believe you can achieve anything.

Seun: My biggest benefit from Green Camp is the mentorship I have gotten from Molo and the rest of the people here.

Closing the conversation, I shared a few laughs with the Green Camp team and asked if there were any parting words. Aimien wants you to support the artistes, support the events and support the movement.

See you all at 4:20. Book your ticket here

Interview by Praise Ekpo. Edited and produced by Olusanjo Akintoye for Burbles Media

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