Nigerian Celebrities Whose Controversies Overshadow Their Careers


In the global age that we are in, most people tend to mistake internet fame for celebrity status. I mean, the likes of Bobrisky, James Brown, and a host of others have become sensational figures in Nigeria. Fair to them, they became popular for nothing.

But in the case of celebrities who started as musicians or actors but fell off along the line, they device different means to maintain relevance after their craft seems not to be enough. They hop from one trending matter to the other, thrive on controversy, and pick on social media trolls all in a bid to have their names pop the headlines.

In light of Nkechi Blessing’s relationship saga, Burbles Media have come up with a list of celebrities who either gained popularity out of nothing or who fell off after gaining a mainstay with their crafts. Have at it below:

Nkechi Blessing

Not to throw jabs at the Nollywood actress, but I have not seen any movie where Nkechi Blessing was a lead role nor was she a prominent figure but somehow, the bursty lady has found ways to garner traction for herself on Social media.

With her current relationship issues, she has managed to be the most trending celebrity in the Nigerian Entertainment space over the last 24hrs. From her messy breakup to claims of dating a 60-year-old and lesbianism chatters, the actress manages to gain more clout from controversies than she gets on screen.


All hail the lord madam of clout!

The self-acclaimed Queen of Snapchat is arguably the one who propagated the gospel of crossdressing in Nigeria. Bobrisky, out of nothing made the noise to gather over 4million Instagram followers in the space of 5years. What a work rate!

Hopping from one social issue to the other with his shallow takes, hurling insults at trolls who never stop having a field day on his matter, Bobriksy has stamped his name as the most popular for nothing celebrity to ever come out of Nigeria.

If anyone knows what Bobrisky is particularly popular for, you can educate us in the comments section.

Tonto Dikeh

This woman right here is controversy personified. She breathes and chews on anything trouble. Prime Tonto Dikeh will choose to start controversies out of nothing on a jolly day and the whole TL will be saturated with her name.

if not relationship issues, it would be a mental breakdown or her fight against patriarchy. Her conspicuous relationship with Bobrisky also birthed some level of fame for the latter even though things ended badly between the duo.

Tonto Dikeh several times, tried to pick up her acting hobby but all to no avail. One good side to the mother of one is her perceived charitable acts.

Regina Daniels

The forever 16 billionaire wife ordinarily should not be on this list but her craft now plays second fiddle to her marriage to Nigerian billionaire, Ned Nwoko.

If Regina is not in the news for drug abuse allegations, she is dragging it out with aphrodisiac sellers or her mom chasing off rivals coming for her 4th spot as a wife of a wealthy man.

Despite all the controversies, she is said to be the Queen of Nollywood Asaba.

Destiny Etiko

Give it up for the queen of Nollywood fringe movies. if she is not waddling about with her massive backside, she is on the set of ‘Lost Princess’ movies every other week.

Not to be an elitist or something but I do not even know what Destiny Etiko’s acting looks like but she’s got millions of fans on a chokehold in the Asaba Nollywood world.

One tax Destiny rides on is the fact that she started as a child star.

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