What We Know About Nkechi Blessing And Boyfriend’s Breakup Drama


Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday and her erstwhile husband, Falegan Opeyemi, have ended their marriage.

Nkechi Blessing Sunday had earlier confirmed her marriage with the Ekiti State Politician on June 10, 2021. The celebrity couples parted away on April 5, 2022.

The once-celebrated marriage has crashed after both parties resorted to social media, where they called out each other over infidelity and lack of mutual respect for each other. As the tales of their broken marriage continue to surface online, here is what Burbles Media has collated from social media regarding the voluptuous actress and her failed marriage.

The saga all started when the Honorable Falegan Opeyemi went live on Instagram and made his intention of walking out of the marriage known to the public.

Falegan asserts that he is not what people take him to be, and he is known for doing good work for the people, and as such, he doesn’t want to be involved in any notoriety. He urged fans to put respect on his name because he hasn’t done anything sheddy with anyone before because protecting his name is his major priority.

I’m not what you guys think please. What I want you guys to know about me is someone who has added value to the people and who will keep doing good work for the people. I don’t want to be known for any notoriety or for anything controversial.

Clearing the air of his alleged infidelity, the politician based abroad said.

“Can anyone on this internet come out and tell me that I have done anything shady with them before? No way!Because I protect my name, and my name is my pride.”

Nkechi Blessing Sunday’s Side Of The Story

The actress-turned-movie producer, on the other hand, also came out to express her dissatisfaction over her husband’s inability to care for himself, stating that she has been feeding a grown-up man like her ex-husband.

In another post made via her Instagram story, she made it clear that she walked out of the marriage because nobody could walk out of her in marriage.

“The one weyI no go like na if you lie say you leave me Leave me? Nobody ever does. simply take a walk and not say my side of the story cus really it’s not worth it d say all you want but you see lie? We go wear same trousers,na then gan gan you go vex me.”

“I have a large family, I cannot come and be using this small small money I’am seeing to feed a grown man! Leave my name out of your mouth.”

Nkechi Blessing also revealed that her man is jobless and does nothing for a living rather than wake up to a live Instagram video. She claimed to have helped Falegan get fame and also revealed that he could enjoy the last benefit of the fame he has attained for a couple of days before it fades.

The drama escalated to another level after Blessing also called out her husband in a live video, accusing him of sending an anonymous blogger money to make a post that he built a mansion for her.

The screen diva debunked the claim that Falegan built a mansion for her, stating that she built her recently concluded bungalow as a result of the sources she gets from influencing brands.

While many thought she had let the matter slide, Nkechi Blessing Sunday dropped another bombshell as she made another revelation via an Instagram live with Nigerian cross-dresser James Brown and other influencers. An unidentified man jokingly told her she would marry another man despite all the ongoing marital turmoil. Her reply was astounding as she revealed that she was already in a relationship with a 60-year-old man. In her words,

I’m dating a 60-year-old man now. It gives me so much peace. He is not on Instagram and has no knowledge of the ongoing drama. I’m the one who sends him updates on what is happening.

She concluded by saying that she moves on so quickly from her past, adding that she hates more than she loves.

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