Nigerians mourn two celebrity deaths in 24hrs


What Nigerians thought was an exasperating April Fool’s Day joke has played out to be a reality as they mourn the death of Nollywood thespian, Dejo Tunfulu, and father of BBNaija star, Mercy Eke.

Earlier today, Nigerian Yoruba actor and comedian Kunle Adetokunbo, also known as Dejo Tunfulu was reported dead but according to many, it was an April fool. This was made known by his colleague, Kunle Afod who dropped the news on his Instagram page saying;
Dejo Tunfulu
” You still posted this picture recently only for me to hear about your death today. This is so sad, Pressy Tunfulu. Daddy Junior, still cant believe this. “
While Nigerians thought it was a Fool’s Day joke, the son of the late actor made confirmations as regards the news in a chat with radio On-Air Personality, Adeyemi Olabode. Confirming the news, he said he reached out to the late actor and his son picked up the phone and confirmed that the news was true
Adeyemi Olabode wrote on Facebook
” I saw the post about your demise and hurriedly called your line so you can debunk the ‘ April fool’ news, but alas! It was picked by your son. You were so kind and down to earth. You are one of the few I do lean on in the entertainment industry. I can’ t do without disturbing you with my weekly BC messages on Whatsapp. So we won’ t be able to speak again Egbon. So our plans won’ t be again? Rest in peace egbon Kunle Mark Tokunbo a. k. a Dejo Tunfulu”
As Netizens recover from the shock of Dejo’s death, BBNaija star, Mercy Eke dropped another weight on them as she announces the death of her dad.

In her Instagram post;

” I’ m so devastated at the demise of my daddy. God, I don’ t want to believe this is happening to me right now. 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔”


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