Rihanna’s fans are convinced it’s a girl as new photos of her shopping spree surface online


American fashion entrepreneur, Rihanna Fenty has got her fans glued to the edge of their seats following the announcement of her pregnancy earlier this year.

The singer announced that she and rapper beau are expecting their first child together in a beautiful photoshoot done in New York.

‘Womb watchers’ as they are loosely called by Nigerian netizens have been going around looking for bits and pieces in deciphering the gender of the unborn baby.

Rihanna shopping at Couture Kids. Photo from US Magazine

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Rihanna on the other hand isn’t giving them much info to work with save for photos of her baby shopping moments.

The Fenty Beauty creator, 34, was spotted shopping for baby clothes at a Target earlier this month.  She was seen grabbing lots of essentials including white Gerber onesies and little socks. However, a coral dress seemed like a hint toward Rihanna having a girl.

Of course, one dress does not mean that the “Umbrella” songstress is having a girl. Chatter calmed down — until her March 25 outing to Couture Kids in Beverly Hills. Rihanna was spotted being shown a baby trench coat dress and a little dress with hearts on it.

Rihanna shopping at Couture Kids. Photo from US Magazine

Fans on social media were quick to note her choices. “You can’t convince me Rihanna’s not having a girl,” one person wrote via Twitter on Saturday.

“I can just SENSE Rihanna is having a girl I just know it,” one confident follower tweeted. “And I’m never f–king wrong about ANYTHING.”

Another user was even willing to bet money on the sex of Rihanna’s little bundle of joy, writing, “Putting $5 on Rihanna having a girl.”

The Savage x Fenty designer was seen in full makeup and heels on both outings, but she told Elle.com hours after her Target trip that she doesn’t always want “to get dressed” now that she’s in her third trimester of the pregnancy.


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