Kizz Daniel’s Babymama Flaunts A Big Rock In Unveiling Photo?


Nigerian singer, Kizz Daniel, On Mothering Sunday, has shared the details of the mother of his twins to the public.

Recall the singer welcomed a set of triplets, Jalil, Jelani, and Jamal on May 1, 2021. Kizz later revealed how he lost one of his triplets, Jamal, just four days after birth.

Months after keeping details of the mother of his kids under wraps, Kizz Daniel shared a photo of himself and a mystery lady he fondly called MJ.

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Happy Mother’s Day to the mother of my triplets, MJ❤️’. The singer said

Something about the photo exudes the vibe of a couple hot on tails for each other. Kizz Daniel who seldom shares personal details on his social media could not help but his happiness with the world.

MJ is sure special as we can all recall the only time Kizz Daniel divulged personal information about himself was when he welcomed his triplets.

Zooming into the photo shows a rock on MJ’s finger suggesting the pair may be heading to the altar anytime soon.

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