SOS: Female bolt passenger’s distress tweet gets Twitter users worried 24hrs later


A Nigerian lady is believed to be missing 24hrs after she sent a distress tweet while allegedly aboard a cab in Lagos.

On Tuesday morning, the lady identified as Eniola Obaniyi put out an SOS while using cab hailing company, Bolt.

Eniola notified Twitter users of her safety and shared her live map while en route UAC foods Ojota from Wemabod Estate, Ikeja.

I’m in a Bolt. Toyota Camry, Silver EPE284FR. My nearest location is Ajao Road. My destination is UAC Foods Limited, LCDA, Ikorodu Road, Ojota, Lagos, Nigeria. ride.bolt.eu/?s=90SXf9xZCrFO

In case I loss, na meeting I dey go o…
Make una find me o 🥺🥺

Twitter users have become wary as reports from notable accounts have it that the distressed lady never made it to her destination and all efforts to reach her since her last tweet has proved abortive.

The incident is coming off the back of the killing of Bamise Ayanwola in a Bus Rapid Transport in late February.

Forlon netizens have refused to give up on the pursuit of rescuing Eniola as they hold on to hopes of hearing news of her safety.

Update: Lady in distress finally tweets, garners social media wrath with statements in a new video.

Social Media users heaved a sigh of relief after Eniola posted her first tweet 2hrs after her distress call. They however asked the lady to share a video proof of her safety, of which she later obliged.

Eniola posted a video narrating her ordeal to eager Nigerians who were on the edge of their seats while she was MIA. Speaking in the video, she noted that she made it to her destination unscathed and apologized to the driver for putting out the distress call when the ride was glitch-free.

The video has however got on the wrong side of netizens who believed it is a clout chasing scheme

Watch the video below:

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