Interview: Why Men Prefer to Chase Me Now That I’m Married – Anita Joseph


Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph in an interview, has revealed why men still persist in chasing her despite being married to popular MC, Fisayo Michael, aka MC Fish.

The plum role interpreter got married to her husband in a private ceremony in 2020 and one would think her marriage would make men desist from making advances at her but Anita has quite a lot to say.

Speaking on if and why men still chase after her despite her being married, Anita Joseph said to the Saturday Sun:

Anita Joseph and MC Fish

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Of course, men still chase me despite my wedding ring. They do so because I am a beauty. Well, men can’t stop making passes at you as a married woman, but it depends on you to put them in their places, and respect yourself. Don’t lead them on. These men don’t care about wedding rings. In fact, one told me that seeing my wedding ring makes it better for him because it will be only my husband and himself, because I don’t trust these girls outside, and I’m like ‘huh, you say?’ Recently, I had one embarrassing encounter where this guy chased me around the mall, saying I must bless him with a peck because he loves watching my movies. It wasn’t funny at all.

Then Anita Joseph, who is a curvy actress, was also asked how she feels about people constantly telling her that her body was cosmetically enhanced. She said about the surgery accusations:

Anita Joseph and MC Fish

I don’t blame Nigerians for thinking that way, but it hurts those of us that have natural bodies to see people assuming you had surgery. It is annoying when you pass by people and they start arguing whether you did surgery or not. They should know the difference between natural and plastic; we are not the same. I have always been curvy, the same thing with my sisters too. My bum is not even close to that of my mum’s. I own a waist trainer brand called ‘hourglassfashionworld’, and I must tell you that waist cinchers work but not that fast. Cinchers won’t work in just a week. It’s a gradual process with a lot of dieting and exercises.



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