Kanye West wants to take his kids to Space as rapper battles ex wife, Kim Kardashian for custody


American rapper and fashion entrepreneur, Kanye West always dares to be different!

Sources say Ye wants to be the next celebrity in space, and in his typical fashion, he wants to go big —and is reportedly entertaining the idea of having a listening party that’s not only out of this world but also most of our price ranges.

As per Hollywood Life, Kanye has been mulling over the idea with his pal Elon Musk only days after his rival Pete Davidson had to cancel his spaceflight aboard Jeff Bezos’ rival company, Blue Origin.

Kanye West. Photo from GQ

But the source explained: “Kanye is not exactly jealous of Pete going to space, but when and if he does, he doesn’t want it to look like he is copying Pete.”

“Kanye and Elon have talked about taking a space flight together, but there has not been discussions on an exact date or exact time to do it,” the source continued. “They are friends and talk about everything, but they don’t have set plans to go together although the discussion has been had.”

Kanye has some unique ideas on how to set himself apart from the Saturday Night Live comedian, including performing aboard the rocket. Kanye has held elaborate listening parties to draw up hype for his last two albums, and he’s also entertaining the idea of holding a “listening party in space” for his next release.

Kanye West. Photo from TheRichest

“If and when Elon invites him on a trip, he’d want to do something on top of it just being a trip, he’d want to perform, or do something completely out of the box and make a certain statement with it rather than it just being him going into space.”

What makes this space trip even more interesting is the fact that the father of four battling for custody with his ex wife is set to take his kids along. As of today, the youngest person to have made the journey was 18-year-old Oliver Daemen, whose wealthy father bought him a ticket aboard a Blue Origin flight last summer.

“He also would like to add his kids to the potential trip,” the source continued. “He wants to make it as unique as possible and not have it just be a ten-minute flight. If it happens great, if it doesn’t, then Kanye will figure something else out to show off his art and ideas. It wouldn’t be about competition with Pete.”

If Ye did manage to allow his ex-wife Kim Kardashian to let him take the kids to space, it would be a costly endeavor. Seats reportedly run north of $55 million apiece.

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