Album Review: WurlD Shares His World With U


By now WurlD knows that in the afrobeats space, he is ahead of his time and his projects would take some time for the world to appreciate and catch up to it.

In 2016, WurlD dropped the Shizzi produced “Show you off”, an undeniable classic, however, the song only began to get widespread and mainstream accolades in 2020 and 2021.

Following “Show you off”, WurlD dropped a trifecta of Extended Plays, Love is Contagious the experimental genre-bending project, I love Girls With Trobul, the Sarz produced instant classic and AFROSOUL, WurlD’s attempt to establish himself as pioneer of a new sound.

With the three EPs giving him a sizeable amount of recognition and critical acclaim, Sadiq Onifade decided to take us fully into his world, with his nineteen tracked My WorlD With U.

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Coming off a season of depression and doubt, WurlD starts this album with “THESE DAYS LOVE DON’T CHANGE”, a picture of what his ideal world is. With this track WurlD paints a utopia where he, his lover and friends are all successful. On the next track “GUCCI”, WurlD reveals to listeners what success means to him, not jewelries or designer wears but a calm soul.


All is not rosy in WurlD’s world however. Tracks like “LET YOU DOWN”, “SAD TONIGHT” and “THE WAY YOU LOVE YOU”, immediately points us to the artiste’s past failures and his current flaws, but as we progress we see that WurlD isn’t the only one with imperfections in this universe, he plays the uno reverse card on tracks like “TOXIC”, “SOMETHING TO LOSE” and “BLUE (INTERLUDE)”, where he makes it clear that sex and matching aesthetics are not enough to get him involved with you.

WurlD’s biggest strength is perhaps in his ability to convey an almost desperate admiration for his love interests, as his feature on Sweet in the Middle would attest to. WurlD replicates this intense thirst on “NAKED RAIN” and “MAKE IT SNOW” metaphorizing the elements to convey his feelings of love and lust.

WurlD takes a break from intense desire and takes a more shallow and playful flirtatious approach with the singles from the album “SPUNK” and “STAMINA”.

While WurlD’s Album starts on a utopic note, the realities of the imperfections, travails, and uncertainties of life and love forces WurlD to close this album with “NO EASY LOVE”, a track where WurlD admits his flaws, the complications of the present, but also his resolute willingness to make things work despite the apparent difficulties.

Make no mistake, WurlD purposely intends this album to be the WurlD show. Tapping features on only four songs, even where the featured artistes were standouts, like Sho Madjozi on “ SHINE” and Landstrip Chip on “TOXIC” WurlD quickly gets them out of the way and refocuses the audience’s attention on him.

If there is a critic for this album, it would definitely be on its length. One can only talk about love for so much and nineteen songs are objectively a little too long for the modern listener. WurlD is perfect in executing his ideas and concepts about love in short concise projects, as we witnessed with the 8 tracked, I Love Girls with Trobul, parts of this album sounded like a repetition of ideas.

On the whole, while he has a legitimate claim for album of the year so far, with My WorlD With U, WurlD adds to his stack of gems that would truly be appreciated years from now.

SCORE: 7.6 / 10

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