How And Why I Ended Up Dating A Man With No Money – BBNaija Star, Erica


There are a variety of reasons why people enter into romantic relationships with others.

In the same way, there are also so many reasons why many people’s relationships don’t last. Some of these reasons include infidelity, irreconcilable differences, lack of honesty, transperancy, and a variety of other factors.

Although there are also so many reasons why people get into relationships. Some people fall in love just to prove a point.

Erica Nweledim/ Credit Instagram

For example, someone may have said something about you with which you do not agree, and in order to prove them wrong, you may resort to doing whatever it takes to disprove what they said.

However, BBNaija star and actress Erica Nweledim found herself in exactly this predicament.

During a game interview of Never Have I Ever with Kraks TV, Erica opened up about so many things about herself, ranging from how she googles herself often to see her progress and what people say about her.

Never Have I Ever Used My Fame To Get Out Of A Situation Or To Get A Favor?

The star girl said

Well yeah, plenty of times. Maybe I’m very late for my flight, then I just go there and they will say, “Oh, it’s Erica,” and I’m like “Please, please allow me.” In December, I went clubbing, and I was about to meet my friends who were already there, and the place was so jampacked that they were even stopping people from entering. At the gate, you can’t even walk in. I was just staring at them. In my mind, I was like, “Don’t you know who I am?” But I didn’t know how to actually say that because I do laugh at people who usually say “Do you know who I’m”? Luckily, there was someone who said, “Oh, that’s Erica.” Within, I was like, “God I didn’t use that line, “Do You Know Who I’m”?”


Speaking further, Erica revealed that she is proud of her elite fan base and can brag about them anytime and anywhere because they are amazing. She added that if anyone has a fan base like her, he or she would always brag about it.

Also, speaking about her previous relationship life, Erica gave a clue about what her encounter with a man was.

Erica On Kraks TV

Never Have I Ever Regretted A Kiss Or A Relationship?

Yes, so let me give the safe explanation. They was one person, on a normal day, I wouldn’t have dated him, because I don’t think we wouldn’t have even met if not for Instagram, and the person met me and he was always trying to make me feel like, I’m one of those big girls blah blah. So I was always trying to prove a point that I’m not always forming into a big girl. He was making me feel like, I’m sure you can’t date. Then I found out that I ended up dating this guy just to prove that I’m not a gold digger or something, and the relationship was hell, and we couldn’t do the basic things like go out on a date, because obviously there was no money, and it was so stressful. Then when I go out with my friends, male, females even girls, the person was like, I’m sure other guys are chasing you, he just so insecure because there is no money, and any little fight we had, the person would relate it to the fact that, oh it’s because I don’t have money? Please go and fix your security and stop trying to drag me down. So yeah, I regret such a relationship.


As much as many people go into a relationship for several reasons, Erica didn’t go into a relationship because she literally fell in love. Maybe she was carried away by infatuation after meeting the man in order to prove a point to him.

Love is joy. Love is wonderful. It is also the most wonderful thing in the world. But if one love to prove a point, not merely because of a deep emotional and feeling, it won’t stand the test of time, and I believe Erica has learnt her lesson that one must not love to prove a point.



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    Most of these celebrities lie a whole lot. How does she expect me to believe her now? 🙄

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