Nigerian Comediennes Who Look Different From The Character They Portray On Set


Being a comedian or comedienne is a gift. One’s ability to make people outside his household laugh regularly is what makes one distinct in the field of skit making.

The Nigerian entertainment industry is blessed with so many skit makers who have discovered their talent. They have used such talent to make a name for themselves in the entertainment industry, as well as make a fortune out of the passion to put a smile on their audience’s faces.

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Just like we have several male comedians who are known for portraying special characters while on set, we also have other females who dress differently and convey a different message entirely from how they dress in real life.

A number of these comedians and comediennes dress in crazy outfits, apply funny makeup, and transform themselves into caricatures or heightened versions of the characters they are attempting to depict to enhance their humor. As a result, many people do not get to see what a performer looks like beneath all the makeup, hair, and over-the-top outfits that they see on stage.

Hang on with us, as we bring to you a list of how some of your favorite Nigerian comediennes look in real life and on set!


Flora 222

Omozele Gabriel is the beauty behind the fun creator, Flora 222. The actress is an assertive, heavily made-up woman who has no problem humorously expressing herself. According to Omozele, the inspiration for Flora 222 came to her when she called a network customer care agent who was rude to her on the phone.

Omozele herself does not resemble her on-screen character, Flora 222, despite the extensive use of heavy makeup. Here’s a picture of what Omozele Gabriel looks like in real life.

Flora 222 Photo From Instagram


Aina (from Jenifa’s Diary and Aiyetoro Town)

When she appears in Jenifa’s Diary and Aiyetoro Town, she appears as a local girl who doesn’t know how to properly communicate in English and who wears poorly applied makeup. That notwithstanding, she is an entertaining and funny woman to see on film.

Image Credit/ Instagram
Image Credit/ Instagram

Adedoyin Fagbohun is also a model, and she wears very fine clothes when she is not on the set.



Ashmusy is a skit maker, content creator, and comedienne who enjoys portraying outrageous characters on stage. To enhance the comedic value of her performances, Ashmusy usually wears weird makeup and dresses like an old woman regularly due to the characters she plays.

Outside of the comic scene, Ashmusy is a curvy and gorgeous lady who is far different from the funny personality she portrays on stage.

Ashmusy/ Image Credit Instagram


Dirty Grandma


“Dirty Grandma” is a fictional character. Just as the name implies, she is funny and always dirty while on set. The character is frequently seen with powder strewn on her chest and dressed in matronly attire.

However, her real name is Dickson Ruth. She is the woman behind the comic character. She is far from being a grandmother in real life, and she is a young woman in her thirties. She appears to be a completely different person from the Dirty Grandma figure.

Image Credit/ Instagram



Taaoma is another comedienne who is quite funny and who appears to be quite different from the characters she portrays in skits. Taaoma plays a variety of personas, including old women and men, who need her to dress in and apply cosmetics in ways that are drastically different from what she would ordinarily do.

Aside from the on-screen attire and appearance, Taaoma dresses well and possesses an excellent sense of fashion.

Taaoma Photo From Instagram


Ada Jesus


Ada Jesus is another comedienne who normally portrays the role of a wicked old woman.

She always has a headtie wrapped around her head and dresses in clothes that are appropriate for the role.

However, she looks extremely beautiful and gorgeous while not on set. She also has an impeccable fashion sense.

Ada Jesus. Image Credit/ Instagram


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