Before Things Went South: See The Moments Korra Obidi Were Couple Goals


Despite things getting ugly real fast between Korra Obidi and her husband Dr. Justin Dean, we can’t take away the fact that they were internet sensations many young people gravitate towards.

The couple has always been expressive and shared intimate and special moments on the gram for their million follower count.

Korra is a very expressive dancer and what endeared many to her husband is the fact that he did not stifle her and he allowed her to grow in her element and of course the ‘Oyinbo tax’.

As news of their divorce spread like wildfire in harmattan, we will highlight the beautiful moments the couple has shared before now

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1. The birth of Athena

Korra opted for a more traditional birth method. The dancer aired her water birth live on Facebook for her fans to witness the beautiful moments with her family.

Her husband took delivery of her second child in the company of a midwife and their first daughter, June.


2. Dance partner

As expected, Justin gets all the moves, teases and dance routines before any other person.

This video was one of the many that showed how in tune the couple were and it also got people gushing over them.

Korra shared the beautiful video on Valentine’s Day.


3. The anniversary post

On Korra’s 4th wedding anniversary, the dancer posted this adorable photo from her wedding ceremony.

It marked the beginning of their beautiful journey which has been blessed with two daughters.

There’s no better definition of ‘into you’ than this photo.


4. The couple game

Just like many people, Korra and Justin played a couple game where they revealed never before known facts.

The video earned Justin huge respect from Nigerians seeing as Korra made the first move.

Fans also gushed over how cute they looked together despite the skin tone contrast.


5. Pregnant together

Instead of chasing after six packs and summer body, Justin decided to carry a pregnancy with his wife.

It’s how they both manage to be sweet and funny that’s beautiful to see.

Korra has never been shy about being vulnerable with her love for her man or family on social media.

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