“I Have Five More Years To Live” – Actress Kemi Afolabi Reveals


Veteran Nigerian actress, Kemi Afolabi, has revealed that she has five years to live.

Kemi Afolabi made this shocking revelation in an interview with Chude Jideonwon. According to the actress, she is battling an incurable illness called Lupus. The 43-year old actress, who stated that she has five years to live, added that she has already spent one.

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Afolabi, Photo From Instagram

Lupus is a disease that occurs when the body’s immune system attacks tissues and organs.

According to her, “I have lupus. It’s not curable. You just have to take medications for the rest of your life.

I’ve spent over N1 million on treatment, yet I did not get the desired result. ”

Speaking with Chude, she said, “Make sure you are with your loved ones. At least you still have up to five years. ”

It may be recalled that the actress revealed on social media a few months ago that she was suffering from an incurable illness that could be treated with medication after being turned down by several hospitals.

“I have lupus,” she explained when asked about her illness. It’s not curable at this time. Simply put, you’ll have to continue taking drugs for the rest of your life. ”

Earlier in January, the screen diva took to Instagram to reveal that she had been diagnosed with an incurable ailment. She also reaffirmed that she has written her memoirs for 2021.

Kemi Afolabi/ Credit Instagram

“I wrote my will and booked a space with Ebony Vault for the year 2021, but God showed me how faithful he is despite my unfaithfulness. Who am I that God is so?

Is he mindful of my existence? regular sand?That was a toss around from a private hospital to Lagos State University Teacthing Hospital, to Army barracks hospital WAEC, and finally to LUTH, where I spent over three months. ”

“Finally, I was diagnosed with a condition that has no cure but can be managed by medications that take me in and out of the hospital at will (SLE). Fluid blocked my lungs and affected my heart from functioning well, which was the reason for my breathlessness, and that is caused by the condition diagnosed! Surgery was the only option to drain it out. The fluid fast, “she wrote on Instagram.


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