Our Leaders Are Now Content Creators: Trump Leads Way For Osinbajo


After leaving the Whitehouse in 2021, Trump was no longer one of the world’s wealthiest people, only reaching Forbes 400 richest American ranking, but this guy has been quietly churning out millions of dollars for months now!

Trump who is $500 million short of chilling with the big boys is slowly and silently securing the bag to repossess his place among the World’s richest men. And it is no thanks to his bestseller book Our ‘Journey Together’. Only that it’s not an actual book!

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Former US president, Donald Trump unlike his predecessors found ways to milk his stay in the Whitehouse.

Photo from Brain Berries

Trump did not hesitate to quickly write “Our Journey Together” about his presidential term shortly after leaving the Whitehouse. Well, ‘write’ in this context is a fish story.

If we are putting it lightly, Our Journey Together is simply a photo gallery of the former US president’s time in the Whitehouse.  Despite having no major announcements and heavy marketing budgets, Donald Trump managed to rake in $10 million in profit from this photo gallery. Brainberries report.

Photo from Brain Berries

The photos used for this book are not at all exclusive since the vast majority of them were taken by the official photographer of the White House and were previously published, so what’s so special about “Our Journey Together?”

The most valuable thing in this hilarious book is the comments handwritten by Trump, who is quite infamous for his unbridled comments.

One would wonder how this regular book priced at $75 per copy and $230 per signed copy of Donald Trump sold over $20 million copies. Well, wonder no more, the book is simply what his supporters want.


Our Journey Together contains 300 photographs of politicians and famous personalities and Trump’s impression of them. Often offensive, and sometimes simply obscene.

Sadly, the supply did not meet the steep demand, so people who ordered “Our Journey Together” when it launched in November 2021 likely won’t see their copies until late February or early March.

Perhaps, our Vice president Osinbajo is brewing up his content for sale after leaving Aso Rock. Because what in God’s name is he trying to do in the video below?

Would you buy a book of Osinbajo’s time at the villa?

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