The Truth About Big Brother Naija’s Biggest Fanbases


Touted as the biggest show in Africa, only few programs have captured the hearts and attention of the continent the way Big Brother Naija has.

The allure of the show stems from its unscripted nature and the departure from streamlined reality talent show formats like Project Fame and The Voice. Its adopted format presents the regular, not ultra-talented individual the chance to super-stardom.

Over the years, the show has fielded incredible housemates such as Ebuka in its premiere season, Bisola the talented actress, Tacha Akide, Laycon, and most recently Whitemoney just to name a few. However, as the show progressed, the role of the audience has shifted from just being the ‘extra housemate’ to becoming the main event.

Big Brother Naija 2021 Finalists


The real excitement of the show transcends the televised activities of the housemates, in fact, the real draw of the show to casual viewers are the extravagant gifts, toxic back and forth, ridiculous voice notes, street campaigns as well as the lavish homecomings, etc. conducted by fans of the housemates.

The goal of every potential Bbnaija housemate is to gather an undying fanbase to sustain their stay in the house and buoy their journey post-show to endorsements and brand deals.

Based on patterns established in the preceding seasons of the show, here is a guide to building the biggest bbnaija fanbase.

Impress Early

For the past two to three seasons, the favorites to win the show were already established in the first five days of the season. The BBNaija viewers are eager to show support and whoever captures their attention at the onset gets their support from start to the end of the show. Past contestants like Laycon and Whitemoney were almost established favorites right from the first night.

Whitemoney – Winner of Big Brother Naija 2021, Culled from Leadership News


Get a Rival

Nothing bolsters a sense of community among BBNaija fans than when their favorite housemate is entangled in a rivalry with another contestant. The rivalries between Tacha and Mercy, Laycon and Erica, Whitemoney and Pere, Tobi and Cee C were major catalysts in bolstering each individual’s fanbase. Each fandom desperately seeks ways to outdo the other while building the profile of their favorite subconsciously or otherwise.

Erica and Laycon at a Big Brother Naija Saturday Night Party


The Relationship Card

This card can only take you so far because at the end of the day as the vernacular saying goes “life na per head”. When facing evictions or when the show inches to a close, the fans of BBNaija couples are forced to pick a favorite to avoid sharing votes. When they decide to do otherwise you get a relatively early exit like BamTeddy from the 2018 BBNaija season.

What the relationship card lacks in carrying housemates to the finish line, it makes up for with the lavish gifts from Shippers and well-wishers alike, long after the show has ended.



The Celebrities

There is nothing like a BBNaija fanbase without the involvement of some overzealous celebrities. Big names like Uti Nwachukwu have almost become synonymous with BBNaija drama. We cannot also hastily forget the role played by media mogul Dele Momodu in the Kiddwaya and Erica saga.


Culled from GistReel



The involvement and participation of BBNaija fans in the show continue to rise at a geometric pace. Their benefits to contestants are immeasurable. Professionals in other fields of entertainment spend many years and lots of resources to replicate or even get a fraction of such dedicated and engaged fans, most without success.

It is advisable for prospective contestants to look beyond the price money and present their personalities in a way where they will garner a sustainable undying fanbase.

The fans are after all the real prize.

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